Saturday, 5 March 2016



We all want a six-pack, the six slabs of muscle that solidify an pride. Don’t be like everyone else, go for eight. That way, if you fall short, you’ll maintain at least six. To get to this six pack promised land, you will need to do giant sets. Yes, giant sets! Which means doing 4 exercises back-to-back, non-stop, without the need for rest. Once you get through the fourth exercise, take 1 min rest and question your existence. If you are able to handle the pain, here are the 4 ab-chiseling exercises:

1. Lying Leg Raises


Lie on a flat bench or floor with your butt placed at the bottom edge. Maintaining your legs straight, feet together, and your lower back on the bench, raise your legs straight up until they’re perpendicular to your body. Then slowly lower your legs back down (below the level of the bench). Exhale as the legs come up, inhale as they go down.

2. Abs Crunches 

Lying on the floor, preferably a mat, put you legs up on a bench. Place your hands behind head or fingers behind ears (harder) and crunch straight up towards the ceiling. Big exhale at the top and then come down slow without letting your head touch the ground.

3. Knee Tuck-ins 

Sitting upright on the bottom of a bench, grab the bench at your sides, and pull your knees into your body and your upper body into your knees. Think of it as an accordion and blow all the air out when the knees come in.

4. Bar Twists 

Sit down at the edge of a bench, holding a bar or broomstick behind your head. Now twist back and forth looking behind you on each rep as you contract the oblique muscles. As you get more comfortable, build up your pace. This exercise is the “love handles” worst enemy. Remember to exhale on each rep.

MY ROUTINE: I would usually do all of these 4 exercises without any rest for 15-20 reps range. Hold the contraction for the count of 3 for maximum burn feel. Do 3 sets total.

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