Wednesday, 10 February 2016

About The Author of the Blog- RISHI SINGH



Hello People!! 

This is Rishi Singh, 19 years old guy from Mumbai, INDIA; the AUTHOR of this blog. I am an aspiring Fitness Model!! 

I stepped into the Fitness World when I was just a 14 years old kid. I was quite obese and a chubby guy in my childhood. I had experienced a terrible phase of TEASING & BULLYING in my life as I was fat and out of shape. I used to feel sad, cry at that point. But then I decided that I won't look like this ever in my life and joined a local GYM and from that point of my life has completely changed and improved. That sad and heartbreaking phase now no longer exist- It's completely gone.. My Haters and Nay-Sayers are now my Secret Followers. I have proved everyone wrong who did not believe in me. 

*Aspire & Inspire* is the root motivation behind the creation of this blog. And as you know the Youth have a major importance in empowering and changing the society so I am taking an initiative & a small step to work towards a Fit and a healthy looking population all over the world. 

This blog will consist of only 3 things- FITNESS FITNESS AND FITNESS!!! Because you know what "Being Fit is a Lifestyle" 

I will post all the significant knowledge about Fitness which I have learned through these years though I'm still Learning. Never stop LEARNING because life never stops TEACHING. I constantly try to improvise my physique and take it to the next level.. Always moving forward. I will make sure that by my posts I always motivate and inspire you to work harder and harder and live a better lifestyle. 

Rising Obesity has been a major concern all over the world. Excess of fat stored in a person's body is called as OBESITY. Obesity clogs the arteries which increases the likelihood of various diseases, particularly heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, certain types of cancer, and osteoarthritis.

People do not take care of what they put inside their body & just carelessly jump on whatever junk food they find just to satiate themselves. Our population is turning more and more obese and lazy day by day especially teenagers and this could turn fatal in near future which they don't realize yet. .

Out of the 24 hours you get in a day; can't you dedicate just 45 minutes of your life to being a better you. 

Everybody has to start somewhere.. Every legend was once a Beginner; A Champion was once an Amateur!! I guarantee you people you will feel a whole lot of better from the very first day of your Workout. Exercise has numerous benefits- making you look good physically, mentally stable, relieving stress, increasing blood flow to your body and thus a HEALTHY HEART, burning fat, enhancing mood of a person, flexible and healthy joints and bones. 

The exercise which you gonna do need not to be very exhausting and tiring; you can just slowly Run in the same place for about few minutes then Rest and repeat it again/ slowly Jump in the same place, Jumping jacks, Knee support push-ups or go for a short and steady walk. But you must exercise instead of making excuses like you can't get enough time or your life is tough or whatever.

So for what are you guys waiting for?? Just start workout from the moment you read this post if you are serious about your lifestyle and want to change the way you look. NOTHING can stop you from doing good only YOU CAN!! Make Fitness a habit, a way of lifestyle and I'm sure you will thank me maybe later but definitely..

So that's all for now. Thank you for taking your precious time in reading my post. This is just my first post- the beginning of this blog. More Inspirational & Informative posts regarding fitness, tips, workout routines, etc will be posted daily. STAY TUNED!!

Rishi Singh

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