Friday, 26 February 2016

Dips Chest Version

2. Dips (Chest Version)

For this exercise you will need access to parallel bars. To get yourself into the starting position, hold your body at arms length (arms locked) above the bars.

  1. While inhaling, lower yourself slowly with your torso leaning forward around 30 degrees or so and your elbows flared out slightly until you feel a slight stretch in the chest.
  2. Once you feel the stretch, use your chest to bring your body back to the starting position as you exhale. 
  3. Repeat the movement for the prescribed amount of repetitions.

Tip: Make sure to fully contract the chest at the top of the movement for a count of 2.


If you are new to this exercise and do not have the necessary strength to do it, use a dip assist machine if available. These machines use weight to help you push your own body-weight.
Otherwise, a spotter/trainer holding your legs will be helpful.
Advanced lifters can add weight to this exercise by using a weight belt that allows the addition of weighted plates.

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